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10/17/17: NEB Announces New Leadership of Paint Department

Long time paint foreman, Craig Mello, has been promoted to department head

New England Boatworks is pleased to announce the promotion of Craig Mello to Head of the Paint Department. For many years Craig has been the on-the-floor leader of the paint department at NEB. Craig’s proven ability as a skilled yacht painter and team leader makes him the perfect candidate to take on this larger role.

As NEB continues to grow, it has become necessary to break the responsibilities of estimating, scheduling, and general oversight of the paint department out from the more encompassing Yard Manager role. Craig will continue to work closely with NEB’s Yard Manager, Scotty Murray, in coordinating paint and yard schedules, allowing him to continue to learn from his long-time supervisor as he takes on this managerial position.

Before joining NEB, Craig spent time doing autobody paint work and was introduced to yacht painting while working at Newport Ship Yard in Newport, RI. Craig came to NEB in March of 2001 after spending some time back in autobody painting.

As Craig is one of our top spray painters, he will continue to spend a large portion of his time painting alongside the rest of the team. We anticipate this hybrid role will allow Craig to provide strong leadership to the great painters he has been working with for many years and we see a great deal of value in having someone so hands-on more deeply involved with estimating new work.